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My favorite places in Wasington aerea (Page under construction)
Restaurants: I'm Italian, I love good food .....  
Encounter the delectable food and wine of Scossa Restaurant & Lounge where you will savour the classic Northern Italian cuisine created by Chef Giancarlo Tondin. With an emphasis on quality, only the freshest ingredients are selected to create cuisine that reinvigorates traditional Italian recipes.
Franco and Piero Landini are the proud hosts of Landini Brothers restaurant. Located in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, and close to the Potomac River, Landini Brothers is a well-established landmark in Northern Virginia. It has been serving northern Italian food in the traditional Tuscan style since it opened in 1976.
THE WORLD It was twenty years ago that a new idea for a pizzeria takes shape in the heart of Treviso, Italy: combining the most genuine Italian tradition of simple and delicious food  with a a particular service and ambiance for the demanding and modern customer. Piola Treviso's flagship restaurant still provides enjoyement for its loyal customers and now their offsprings, but Piola also opens to the world: With...
The Crossing at Casey Jones began as a quiet neighborhood pub in February of 1980. Then known only as “Casey Jones Pub”, the name was selected because of its location along the railroad tracks in the center of town and the memories such a location stirred in the mind of our matriarch, Nora Favier. Nora, the daughter of a rail man, grew up on a farmhouse provided by Irish Rail in Southern Ireland, not far from the station her father supervised. Wanting this establishment to be uniquely American, she named the pub after one of our country’s most fondly remembered folk heroes.
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This site is a discussion and information forum for enthusiasts of Beretta firearms and the shooting sports.

In the realm of Beretta collectors, few can rival, or surpass, Texan Brad Taylor. At age sixteen, he purchased his first of many, a Model 950B Minx, in .22 short. With that initial pistol, Taylor realized that Beretta built guns of quality, and further recognized that, at the time (in the late 1960s), the U.S. public was generally unaware of the merit of Beretta firearms. In those early years, that made collecting Berettas easier and less costly. That all changed when Beretta won the competition for the M9 contract.





Questo sito è dedicato a coloro che amano lo studio delle armi e della balistica e sono interessati ai problemi giuridici connessi all'uso delle armi.
The idea was born in order to join together all fans of the mythical brand Beretta, who for five hundred years, has made beautiful products with a strong design and advanced technical features.
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